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About Her

Sex is an important part of a healthy "marriage." I am at a place in life where sex outside of marriage has no interest to me. It has been several years since I have been involved in a sexual relationship. I miss the intimacy but the cost is too high for me. I believe that isn't what God wants for me and I can't give that part of myself to a man and have him walk away from me. I value who I am and what I have to offer enough to wait. I have to also say that a man and a woman should want to be with each for any and all reasons but sex. What happens if sex is no longer available because of some illness or life's daily obligations? There has to be more than sex to attract and keep them together.

Personal Attributes

  • Gender : Woman
  • Seeking : Men
  • Marital Status : Prefer Not To Say
  • Job : Prefer Not To Say
  • Ethnicity : Prefer Not To Say
  • Religion : Prefer Not To Say
  • Height : Prefer Not To Say
  • Body Type : Prefer Not To Say
  • Hair Color : Prefer Not To Say
  • Eye Color : Prefer Not To Say
  • Piercings : None, not for me
  • Tattoos : None, not for me

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Toronto, CA

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